12278639_10206465281124110_1621497589073929869_nThis is probably my favorite makeup design I’ve done.  Props to the amazing Luis Solis on hair and the also amazing Jim Hesterman for photography and of course the stunning model Shaun Tia!

So, we did a shoot all day with four different looks (obviously we saved this one for last!) The theme was warm and gold.

First I airbrushed her face with Dinair and highlighted with MAC studio fix.

For her eyes I covered them completely with a MAC paint pot and then pressed MAC pigment on top and ran it up a bit into the eyebrows.  I tightlined and lined her eyes with Laura Mercier gel liner in Noir and softened it with MAC Carbon eye shadow and touched up false lashes with MAC Haute and Naughty mascara.

I used MAC Stone lip pencil and MAC pigment.

Now for the fun part!

Luis provided the piece that is on her forehead and we attached it with bobby pins.

I used Prosaid adhesive on her neck and jaw and then patted loose gold leaf that I got at Michaels all over.  Easy as that!

Jim said he wanted like liquid metal somewhere, so I took a couple of MAC Pigments and mixed them on my metal palette and squeezed a bunch of MAC Lip Glass (had I known I would have brought MAC gloss that has a little better consistency for molten metal).  I applied the goop under her eyes with the end of a brush and let it drip on it’s on volition.

Ok, I can’t look at it any more  because my brain is telling me all the things I would do or fix, haha, everytime!

Bye for now!


Amazing lips!


Amazing lips!



My makeup student Ken Gagliano dreamed this up during our FIRST private lesson together! Pretty impressive! Here’s how we did it step by step!

1. Apply MAC White Chromaline to entire lip area.
2. Apply Pros-Aide to bottom lip and let it get tacky.
3. One by one apply small jewels to bottom lip.
4. With a small brush and MAC Tilt eyeshadow, shade between jewels.
5. Shade then upper lip’s bottom edge with Magenta Madness pigment and a 242 brush blending upward.
6. Line lips with MAC Contrast eyeshadow and a 266 angle brush.